If this is the year that you’re ready to take charge of the health and wellness goals that have been holding you back, Invigor8 in Rochester NY offers a diverse range of painless, non-invasive bodysculpting and specialty procedures to help boost your confidence while improving your physical wellbeing.  And regardless of whether you’re most concerned with toning up, eliminating stubborn fat accumulation or improving your day-to-day confidence, you can have complete assurance in our commitment to your safety and results.  We invite you to learn more about our services by visiting the Invigor8 Rochester website or getting in touch with our staff.       

Invigor8 is the premier provider of advanced bodysculpting services in Rochester NY and the surrounding area, and we staff a team of highly experienced experts to assist you in choosing the best procedure based on your health, body type and realistic goals.  Here are just a few of the reasons to contact Invigor8 in Rochester today.

  • BTL Emsella® to help strengthen pelvic muscles associated with incontinence  
  • EMSCULPT® for effective tightening and toning of stubborn muscle groups
  • VanquishME® to safely remove stored fat around the abdominals, hips, and buttocks
  • Exilis Ultra 360™ to effectively firm, tone and tighten loose and sagging skin
  • All procedures are 100% painless, non-invasive and done in a safe, clinical setting
  • One-on-one consultations with our staff medical experts for safety and peace of mind

To learn more about how Invigor8 can help you achieve your 2020 goals, get in touch to learn more or schedule your initial consultation. Invigor8 is located at 65 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford NY and proudly serves individuals throughout the Rochester and WNY region.  We can be reached by phone at 585-310-7256 or write  to the Invigor8 staff via email through our website’s confidential  contact page.