If you’re among the countless women who struggle with incontinence, the treatment options have remained rather limited until now.  Kegel exercises can be effective, though they take a lot of work and not everyone responds.  There are procedures that can be done, but they don’t come without varying risk and can be quite costly. 

So now the question becomes, what do you do when Kegels aren’t viable and surgery is not a realistic option?  For many, BTL Emsella® has established itself as a safe, effective and completely non-invasive way to restore tightness, pelvic muscle strength and bladder control.  By stimulating the pelvic region using safe, gentle pulse waves, Emsella tightens and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles for increased tightness and improved bladder control.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Emsella, we encourage you to watch our testimonial video to learn more and discover how it’s helped others overcome age-related incontinence.  Or get in touch with Invigor8 of Rochester NY to learn more or schedule a free consultation. 

  • Emsella® is a 100% safe, painless and non-invasive treatment for incontinence
  • Can help reduce frequent/nighttime urination, leakage and other challenges
  • Extensively researched and tested for both safety and effectiveness
  • Stimulates the action of doing thousands of Kegel exercises per second
  • Pain-free magnetic pulses stimulate the pelvic muscles to tighten naturally
  • Invigor8 is proud to be one of the leading providers if Emsella in Rochester NY

Learn More About Emsella Therapy in Rochester at Invigor8

Whether you’re just now beginning to experience incontinence issues or have been dealing with them quietly for years, we encourage you to discover how today’s technology is helping women of all ages find real relief from this all-too-common condition. Invigor8 is a trusted provider of Emsella and other innovative therapies, each one performed by highly experienced professionals in a safe, welcoming setting.  Get in touch with our staff to learn more, ask questions or schedule your initial consultation at our Pittsfield, NY clinic. 

Invigor8 is located at 65 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford and proudly serves clients throughout the Rochester and WNY region.  To get started or learn more about Emsella, reach out by phone at 585-310-7256 or write  to the Invigor8 staff via email through our website’s contact page.