Until just a few years ago, the go-to method for stimulating muscle contractions has been through the use of traditional TENS units.  And even we’ll be the first to admit that the results they produce, and have produced for users over the decades, are respectable.  But as with all things technology-based, things evolve.  EMSCULPT® is similar in theory to TENS therapy, only far more effective.  Whereas TENS units stimulate traditional muscle contractions, EMSCULPT stimulates deeper, more efficacious muscle contractions in a far more targeted way. 

EMSCULPT® has been shown to be completely safe and the results, as evidenced by countless users, are vastly more effective than traditional TENS therapy.  If you’re looking for a truly pain-free and non-invasive way to tighten and tone those stubborn areas, here are few reasons to consider making it part of your bodysculpting plan.   

  • 100% Non-invasive way to tighten and tone stubborn muscle groups
  • Similar in function to TENS Units only more powerful and effective
  • Proven safe with results that are noticeable after just a few sessions
  • Ideal for toning and strengthening abdominals, buttocks, glutes and more
  • Performed in a comfortable setting and administered by bodysculpting experts
  • Sessions are completely pain free and require no recovery time
  • Invigor8 is the leading provider of EMSCULPT® in Rochester NY

Discover Why Invigor8 is the Leading Provider of EMSCULPT® in Rochester

Whether you’re looking to build and recondition muscle groups affected by past injuries, or ready to firm up those hard to define areas around the hips, abdominals or buttocks, EMSCULPT is definitely worth looking into.  For those in the Rochester NY area, the experts at Invigor8 are here to answer all of your questions and walk you through the process to help you better understand if it’s right for you.

Invigor8 is located at 65 Monroe Avenue in Pittsford, NY and proudly serves clients throughout the entire Rochester and Monroe County region.  For answers to questions or more detailed information on EMSCULPT, get in touch with our staff by phone during regular business hours at 585-310-7256Not a talker? We get it.  Send your email inquiries to our staff 24/7 through our website’s secure contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.